The TRE TR87 Carbon Wing for G87 M2

The TRE TR87 Carbon Wing for G87 M2


Join us as we unpack and explore the details of the TR87 carbon fibre rear wing, specifically designed for the G87 M2. In this guide, we will walk you through the unboxing process, discuss the wing's features, and provide you with the necessary information for a smooth installation.



Unboxing the TR87 Kit:

Let's begin by opening the TR87 kit, which comes in a branded TRE box. The box, skillfully packed by AUTOID, contains a protective foam layer. After removing this, we reveal the main highlight - the lightweight pre-preg carbon fibre wing.


Exploring the Wing's Design:

The carbon fibre wing, which weighs just under 2 kilos, has been carefully designed. It aligns perfectly with the double bubble on the roof and includes end plates with an extended rake. The wing follows the aesthetic contours of the G87 M2, and the angular M plates match the overall design philosophy, creating a harmonious look with the vehicle's wide hips.


Harmony with TR87 Kit:

What makes this wing unique is its smooth integration with the TR87 kit. The end plate on the wing complements rest of the TRE kit for G87 M2 with front splitter, side skirts, and rear winglets, demonstrating a well-planned and unified design. Made from 2x2 pre-preg carbon, the wing guarantees not just lightweight performance but also impressive durability.

Hardware Kit Insights:

When we examine the hardware kit, we discover important components, such as the adjustable legs. These legs are labeled for road and track settings, providing flexibility for customization. The branding on the side indicates the setting, enabling users to adjust the wing according to their preferences – aerodynamically efficient for the track or streamlined for the road.


Installation Guide and Fitment:

The kit lacks the install fitment guide, which is an important A1 sheet that provides crucial assistance for professional installation. The legs, which are carefully branded for settings, securely attach to the boot lid. The guide ensures precise alignment, which is crucial for achieving a flawless installation. For a more in-depth look at the installation process read the blog post by AUTOID, you can also watch their YouTube video here. 👇 

Visualising the Wing on the Car:

Jumping ahead to the moment of anticipation, we get a glimpse of the wing installed on the car. The visual impact is huge, changing the look of the vehicle and making it stand out from the rest.



As we finish this detailed guide, you now have the information needed to install the TR87 rear wing on your G87 M2. The careful unboxing, understanding of design features, and insights into the hardware kit give you a clear path for a successful installation. Whether you want a setup for the track or a stylish look on the road, the TR87 rear wing is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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