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BMW Carbon Fibre Shark Fin Aerial Cover by TRE

BMW Carbon Fibre Shark Fin Aerial Cover by TRE

Vehicle Option (please check the compatible models section below to confirm)

Perfect for tying in with existing carbon fibre accessories, the TRE Shark Fin Aerial cover is an easy and subtle modification that adds a little something extra.

Manufactured entirely from quality pre-preg carbon fibre, the shark fin simply slides over the OEM Aerial. Made using a 2x2 weave, it matches OEM and most aftermarket carbon perfect and as the cover is built from just 1 layer of pre-preg carbon fibre, radio interference is non-existent. 

Technical Specification
Product Dimensions 23cm x 8cm x 7cm
Product Weight 0.1kg
Materials Carbon fibre
Manufacturer TRE
Warranty 2 Years

Note: Due to the properties of carbon fibre, it's possible that the shark fin covers can cause interference with GPS signals when installed. 

What's in the box

  • 1 x TRE Full Carbon Fibre Shark Fin Cover
  • 3M Double Sided Tape (pre-applied)
  • 1 x Adhesive Promoter


Installation takes seconds. Simply remove the film from the adhesive tape and apply over the existing shark fin aerial.

Compatible models

If your model is out of stock, please match your version below (Version A or B) and choose from any of the remaining vehicles left.
For confirmation on this you can contact us and we'll be happy to advise.

Version A (TX-01)

  • 2 Series, M2 & M2 Competition (2014-2021, F22 F87)
  • 2 Series & M240i Coupe (2021-2022, G42)
  • 2 Series Gran Coupe (2020+, F44)
  • 3 Series & M3 (2012-2019, F30 F80)
  • 3 Series & M3 (2019+, G20 G80)
  • 4 Series & M4 (2014-2020, F32 F82)
  • 4 Series & M4 (2021+, G22 G23 G26 G82)
  • 5 Series & M5 (2017+, G30 F90)
  • 7 Series Saloon (2016+, G12)
  • 8 Series & M8 (2018+, G14 G14 G16 F91 F92 F93)

Version B (TX-02)

  • BMW 1 Series (2011-2019, F20 F21)
  • BMW 1 Series (2019+, F40)
  • BMW 3 Series Estate (2012-2019, F31)
  • BMW 3 Series Estate (2019+ G21)
  • BMW 5 Series Estate (2017+, G31)
  • BMW X3 & X3M (2018+, G01 F97)
  • BMW X4 (2014-2018, F26)
  • BMW X4 & X4M (2018+, G02 F98)
  • BMW X5 & X5M (2013-2018, F15 F85)
  • BMW X5 & X5M (2019+, G05 F95)
  • BMW X6 & X6M (2013-2019, F16 F86)
  • BMW X6 & X6M (2020+, G06 F96)
  • BMW X7 (2018+, G07)


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