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BMW M2 G87, 2 Series & M240i G42 TR87 Carbon Fibre Rear Wing by TRE (2022+)

BMW M2 G87, 2 Series & M240i G42 TR87 Carbon Fibre Rear Wing by TRE (2022+)


Introducing the TRE TR87 Carbon Fibre Rear Wing, the first-of-its-kind upgrade designed exclusively for the 2023 BMW G87 M2. This groundbreaking bodykit is meticulously crafted from premium 2x2 twill pre-preg carbon fibre, delivering an unrivalled combination of style, aerodynamics, and performance. Elevate your G87 M2's aesthetics while enhancing its driving dynamics with TRE's innovative bodykit.

This Wing has the capability to be adjusted for a Road or Track set up. As shown in the images you can move the Wing blade onto two different mounting screw points.

NOTE: The Wing does not come with the TRE stickers on the end plates. Please enquire if you would like these added on.

Key Features

  • Exclusive, motorsport-inspired design
  • High-quality, lightweight 2x2 twill pre-preg carbon fibre components
  • Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) methods for a perfect fit
  • Enhances aerodynamics, reducing drag and increasing downforce
  • Adjustable rear wing settings for Road, Sport, and Track use
  • Components include: front splitter, front bonnet, side fender trim, side skirts, rear wing, and rear bumper spats

What's included

  • 1 x TRE Carbon Fibre (pre-preg, 2x2 weave) Rear Wing
  • 1 x Template for Rear Boot
  • 4 x Fixing Bolts

How to install

Compatible models

  • BMW 2 Series (2022+, G42)
  • BMW M240i (2022+, G42)
  • BMW M2 (2023+, G87)
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